The Story

Walker is a comic about a man living in a zombie apocalypse not long from now, he has left his emotions with his dead family & will stop at nothing to accomplish his goals in survival. He roams the wastelands we formerly knew as our home, avoiding both zombies & survivors. Walker is a man of few words & manages to make it only with his fierce cold-blooded attitude & his various tools of survival. He is constantly haunted by the spirit of his dead child, who acts as a guide to bring him out of the darkness before he falls too deep, he becomes the shadow of his former self. Flashbacks of his previous life & back story slowly piece together the puzzle on why walker is such a cold, bitter man. He makes various survival choices along the way that most may not agree with, yet make sense for the greater good of survival.


“I am this way because it keeps me alive. There’s no room for kindness, being soft will get you killed.”

The Comics

To download the comics Right Click on the image & save as

                                    Page_01  Walker Cover 02  Walker Cover 03  Walker 04  Fifth Cover Front  Walker cover 06  Walker 07


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